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DeenAiR makes blockchain
straightforward for everyone

No hardskills requirements, DeenAiR is simple for users, lucrative for developers and essential for artists.

  • Create NFTs easy

    Unlike all blockchains, the creation of NFTs in DeenAiR is implemented without the use of smart contracts. Creating an NFT on the DeenAiR blockchain is exactly the same simple operation as transferring money, with only minor differences and with the low commission.

  • High Efficiency

    Node-to-node protocol is TCP based, using C++ ASIO - the tool performing the most efficient operating strategy on every platform in order to consume the lowest amount of energy and achieve the highest performance level. That allows to keep fees at lowest rate.

  • Keeping Fees Low

    Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) is a modern consensus mechanism to improve scalability without compromising the incentive structure built on blockchain. The DPoS algorithm considered as the most decentralized, efficient, flexible, and fastest consensus algorithm in existence today, which allows users to earn rewards keeping fees low.


Build or integrate your own dAPPs and scale your project. No smart contract needed to start Auction. Create NFTs, FFTs, SFTs and Auctions in DeenWallet through userfriendly GUI. Drive your crypto assets by your own. Create by yourself.



High Speed

Built on the basis of dPOS, when users receive rewards and rights for verifying a transaction, combining blocks, by placing native tokens in staking. No need to interpret the Smart Contract, overloading the network nodes, because the delegation code is part of the general mechanism of the blockchain and is performed almost imperceptibly along with the usual token transfer operations.


Compact decentralized machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies with automated self-learning. During self-learning, the system automatically changes the weights of the model and stores them decentralized. In addition eliminates the possibility of any fraud and Sybil attack, since the mechanism is integrated in its core.

Carbon Neutral

The PoW network requires more computing power to be connected and causes serious harm to the environment, leaving a significant carbon footprint. A dPoS system requires less processing power than PoW and even PoS and therefore also has a lower environmental impact. Cross-platform language that used to create high performance applications, increases resource usage efficiency of the nodes.


Achieved sustainability by the following features: Nodes programmed with C++ language and constantly tested. Networking model mathematically proven and uses distillation graphs in operation. The gradual release of tokens allows you to save the value of the cryptocurrency, avoid price manipulation, provide liquidity and guarantee the long-term stability of the ecosystem as a whole.


Developed for users and content creators, DeenAiR makes complicated things simple. No extra charges for Minting, because userfriendly GUI of DeenWallet allows to mint NFTs in a few simple steps (create collection, fill metadata and press button). There is no more requirements, because, as it mentioned above, DeenAiR makes complicated things simple for users, not only for programmers. Build or integrate your own dAPPs and scale your project. No smart contract needed to start Auction. (Create Auctions in DeensWallet through userfriendly GUI) Drive your crypto assets by your own. Create by yourself. That is real WEB 3.0.

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Our detailed Roadmap

  • 2022 Q1

    Account-state-based algorithmic delegated PoS chosen

    Finance Modeling v.1

  • 2022 Q2

    Closed infrastructure launch / local testing

    Ledger Nano S / Ledger Nano X support added

    Version alpha of Machine Learning misbehavior detection implemented

  • 2022 Q3

    Whitepaper v.1

    InChain NFT

    Fungible tokens (Side coin mechanism)

    Semi-Fungible Tokens

    Onchain Auctions

    DeenAiR utility token launched

  • 2022 Q4

    Exodus/Mycelium/Atomic/Trust wallets support

    Wallet Mobile App v.1

    Development of Smart Contracts/ V8 Engine based

  • 2023 Q1

    Release of Smart Contracts/ V8 Engine based/ wide functionality.

    Code enhancements p.1

    Open Public testing with staking

  • 2023 Q2

    Cross-Chain bridges (DeenAiR - ETH / DeenAiR - BSC)

    DAO launch bug-bounty and other projects

    Desktop Wallet App (NFT & Smart contracts support)

    Listing on the top exchanges

  • 2023 Q3

    Network optimization p.2

    GameFi Support program (Augmented Reality games & apps)

  • 2023 Q4

    AI-blockchain projects support programs