Made from scratch. Fully algorithmic. Account state based. Pure algorithmic proof-of-stake. DeenAir.

Our primary technical goals were to ensure cross-platform compatibility and achieve maximum hardware usage efficiency. Assembly language programs (assemblers) used to be the only way of reaching peak hardware performance but are a no go in 2022. The solution we, DeenAir creators, came up with is C++ and Boost combination. Boost is used for network operations and provides friendly cross-platform highlevel interface. TCP protocol allows to minimize packet sizes and protects platform independence.


Another issue successfully dealt with is energy efficiency. Blockchain itself is binary data designed to efficiently use every byte. Node-to-node protocol is TCP based, using ASIO - the tool performing the most efficient operating strategy on every platform (boost ASIO for now and will be switched to simple ASIO in the future) in order to consume the lowest amount of energy and achieve the highest performance. JsonRPC for the client side is already implemented and versioning supported.


Every message on the platform is signed. Every node has a private key. Every signature is checked for validity and signed by the key owned by the node is was sent from. And it is never too much when it comes to privacy and security. The random generation of signing keys is fully powered by bip-39. Curve25519 (or ECDSA) implemented on DeenAir is not only faster and more eco-friendly than traditional RSA, but also more secure. (See )


Developed for users and content creators, DeenAiR makes complicated things simple. No extra charges for Minting, because userfriendly GUI of DeenWallet allows to mint NFTs in a few simple steps (create collection, fill metadata and press button). There is no more requirements, because, as it mentioned above, DeenAiR makes complicated things simple for users, not only for programmers. Build or integrate your own dAPPs and scale your project. No smart contract needed to start Auction. (Create Auctions in DeensWallet through userfriendly GUI) Drive your crypto assets by your own. Create by yourself. That is real WEB 3.0.

Machine Learning

What if something goes wrong? Machine learning technology detects misbehaving in voting processes and acts as the 2 nd security layer. If a sufficient amount of high node-ranked nodes has a consensus that some node is displaying malicious behavior, the message of disqualification is broadcasted. ML technology can also detect current leader’s malicious behavior and produce immediate action against it.


Having dealt with technical issues, we set ourselves the target of creating an environment where every member would have a right to vote and make profit. And this is truly how DeenAir works. Coin staking provides every DeenAir holder with decision-making power on the network, as well as an opportunity to generate an income. The mechanism is quite similar to receiving interest from a bank deposit. Every staker delegates the voting rights to a trusted party. Those delegates chosen then earn all the rewards for block validation and repay their loyal supporters with dividends. At the moment 20% of the reward goes to DAO, 20% - to the validator and 60% is split between stakeholders of the node in proportion to their stake size. The validator node is randomly selected by voting also based on the stake size. All online nodes with staked token amounts of 1 000 000 and above have a right to participate in the election. Each node’s value is a sum of all tokens delegated by the stakers. The only limitation once the node is formed is that the stake can be withdrawn only 14 days after it was delegated.

Needless to say, the potential profits of owners on proof-of-stake platforms substantially exceed those earned with the help of other models. Apart from being profitable for all the parties involved, the staking system allows to avoid excessive energy consumption and constant purchases of expensive hardware.

Other perks of DeenAir:

  • Full compatibility with ledger nano s / ledger nano x almost out of the box

  • High security level, as explained above (The US government uses ECDSA to protect internal communications and we do not lag behind.)

  • Deterministic key tree - one account can have almost an infinite amount of wallet addresses.